Tracks Solutions for LSPs

Automated CO2 solutions for your business

Add sustainability to your list of services.


Minimum effort, maximum accuracy

Allocate your customers' CO2 emissions down to the product level.


Measure and deliver

Offer user-focused

Better data, right when you need it. Your customers get actionable insights, and you get more time to focus on your core business. We developed solutions so you didn’t have to.

One click reporting

Automated, effective,

Our robust platform can handle anything you throw at it. We streamline data sharing between external subcontractors and customers through an effortless API layer. Precise data, precise solutions.

Improve compliance

Get ahead of the

Our GLEC accredited reporting means you can offer premium audit- and future-proof service before your customers start asking for it. You have enough to do already, don’t add regulatory compliance to the list.

Better Together

Trusted by supply chain professionals

Automated emissions tracking, audit-proof reports by GLEC

Primary consumption data, GLEC accredited.

Audit-proof reporting

Automate your emissions tracking, and enjoy hassle-free reporting.

Tracks uses primary data, gathering data direct from the transport vehicle, and is the only company in the world accredited by Smart Freight Centre to calculate Scope 3 emissions in this way. The GLEC Framework is the only globally recognised system for calculation and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and is the basis for the forthcoming ISO standard (ISO 14083).


Connect via API

Let us handle the rest

Our multi-modal solutions will satisfy even the most complicated asset management. Our carbon intelligence experts have solutions for the most difficult mode to track: road freight. Make your stress about Scope 3 compliance a thing of the past.


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Real-Time-Visibility, multi-modal, intermodal, ETA Prediction, Network or Supply Chain or multi-tier visibility... Just use our cutting-edge dashboard or integrate our functionality into your existing system via API.


Gunnar Larsson

Head of Growth