Tracks develops Fuel Calculator tool

Tracks announced today the completion of their latest decarbonisation project, a fuel calculation tool. The project was developed with support from the mFUND program, a research initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure that encourages R&D projects related to digital data-based applications.

Tracks develops Fuel Calculator tool

Berlin, Germany, August 5, 2021 – Today, Berlin based Tracks announced completion of its Project Feature vectors for Trucks (FvfT), a free and automated fuel calculator built on Tracks’ CO2 management platform. Project FvfT is funded by the Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur (BMVI) with a total project volume of 71.425 Euro as part of the mFUND innovation initiative.

The International Transport Forum Outlook stated that by the year 2050 over 3.5 billion tons of emissions will be caused by road freight alone. Tracks’ core business is the decarbonization of the road freight industry, and their software tackles the problem of rising emissions. Tracks developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that is used to predict fuel consumption for individual, future trips for trucks, the goal being to optimize fuel consumption and reduce associated emissions. To give an accurate indication of fuel consumption, it is first necessary to predict variable influencing factors (such as speed and acceleration). Current methods for predicting fuel consumption are typically based on only one parameter, distance, meaning they have limited precision. The Tracks fuel calculator uses traffic volume data and multiple parameters to determine consumption, resulting in much more accurate predictions.

Project FvfT makes it possible to simulate:

Efficiency-based dispatching

Trucks and drivers can be dispatched to different routes is simulated in order to select the combination with the lowest fuel consumption.

Green Routing

Trucks are matched to optimum drivers and sent on the route with the lowest fuel consumption.


Forwarders can use the tool to calculate expenses in advance, especially fuel consumption, in order to make more informed pricing decisions.

Anyone can simulate a fuel consumption forecast for individual trips by visiting Tracks will bring these new features to market readiness in order to integrate their functionality into the existing platform.

The FvfT project brings us one step closer to decarbonization and optimization of road freight transport: more efficient truck operations mean economic benefits for logistics companies, and environmental benefits due to reduced consumption of energy and resources.

“Our fuel calculator project is a complicated technical achievement that was made possible by the R&D funding provided to us by mFUND. This project highlights mobility innovation and shows what’s possible when private enterprise and forward-thinking government cooperate,” CEO Jakob Muus said.

About Tracks

Tracks is platform that provides automated software that enables companies to measure and manage their Scope 3 CO2 emissions. Our solutions provide savings of measured CO2 by up to 45%. Tracks is the only company on the market accredited to use primary disaggregated road-freight data to accurately measure in real-time and to offer seamless reporting of emissions data within the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework. Tracks was founded in Berlin in 2018 and is currently operating in Germany. Visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to learn more.

About the BMVI’s mFUND

As part of the mFUND innovation initiative, the BMVI has been funding data-based research and development projects for digital and connected mobility 4.0 since 2016. Project funding is supplemented by active professional networking between stakeholders from politics, business, administration and research and by making open data available on the mCLOUD portal. For more information, visit


Über den mFUND des BMVI:

Im Rahmen der Innovationsinitiative mFUND fördert das BMVI seit 2016 datenbasierte Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprojekte für die digitale und vernetzte Mobilität 4.0. Die Projektförderung wird ergänzt durch eine aktive fachliche Vernetzung zwischen Akteuren aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Verwaltung und Forschung und durch die Bereitstellung von offenen Daten auf dem Portal mCLOUD. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter

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