Tracks announces partnership with project44 to help make supply chains more sustainable

Partnership will add Tracks’ market-leading GLEC-accredited measurements of transportation emissions to project44’s advanced supply chain visibility platform

Tracks announces partnership with project44 to help make supply chains more sustainable

Tracks, the leading European-based transportation emissions calculation provider, has today announced a partnership with project44, the world’s most trusted end-to-end visibility platform. As part of a long-term sustainability approach to reduce emissions, this partnership will help organizations achieve greener supply chains and meet carbon reduction goals by adding Tracks’ accurate and accredited carbon visibility competence to project44’s supply chain visibility platform.

“We have spent four years developing an emissions tracking technology that responds to the needs of the transportation industry. Our partnership with project44 will help us to take our accurate emissions management solutions to market on a broader scale, enabling organizations around the world to better measure, manage and mitigate their carbon emissions,” said Jakob Muus, Founder and CEO of Tracks.

Supply chain sustainability has never been more important. This partnership is the next step in helping companies across all industries to navigate today’s increasingly complex supply chains and meet their emissions reduction goals. By adding Tracks’ market-leading carbon visibility capabilities to project44’s real-time transportation tracking, predictive ETA and automation platform, customers will now have access to highly accurate insights and granular visibility of their transportation emissions.

“Up to 60% of a company’s global emissions are supply chain related. Unfortunately, inaccurate and hard-to-obtain data makes measuring transportation emissions a challenge,” said Christian Piller, VP Research and Sustainability at project44. “The sustainability solution from project44 will provide our customers with the most accurate CO2-measuring on the market and help them reduce their CO2 Emissions. The partnership with Tracks combines our leadership in transportation data with their leadership in emissions calculation.”

project44 operates the world's most trusted end-to-end visibility platform that tracks more than 1 billion shipments annually for over 1,000 of the leading brands, including top companies in manufacturing, automotive, retail, life sciences, food & beverage, and oil, chemical & gas. Besides real-time visibility for shipments, these customers demand accurate, accredited emissions data to include in their reports and meet their sustainability goals. By partnering with GLEC-accredited Tracks, project44 will provide its customers with emissions visibility and reporting in their Visibility Operations Center, with additional solutions to follow, including emissions-based tendering.

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Join Tracks and project44 for a live webinar on “The Road to Decarbonization”, hosted by Supply Chain Media, at 4pm CEST, Wednesday 13th April 2022.

About Tracks: Tracks offers automated decarbonization solutions for the transportation industry, enabling freight companies to measure and manage CO2 emissions on a granular level. Tracks has a GLEC accreditation to use primary disaggregated data to measure emissions, providing the most accurate reporting of emissions data on the market. Using AI and machine learning, Tracks’ descriptive, prescriptive and predictive analytics services give companies the power to meet and exceed their sustainability and emissions goals now. Tracks was founded in Berlin in 2018 and is operating throughout Europe. Learn more:


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