Tracks and project44 to create greener supply chains together

Tracks is now part of project44's long-term Sustainability Solution

Tracks and project44 to create greener supply chains together

When we started our journey to revolutionize the transportation sector, we knew that as visionaries we would have a long road ahead of us. That’s what makes days like today so special. We’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve just partnered with like-minded-player and #1 supply chain visiblity provider in the industry, project44. Together we will enable companies to reduce CO2 emissions in the entire value chain. 

How a partnership shapes the industry

project44 is the leading platform for supply chain visibility, workflows and data. They empower their customers to track shipments along the value chain, accurately and in real-time. They just added a Sustainability Solution to their portfolio, a step that we of course fully support. With our market-leading solutions to measure CO2 emissions, we will provide project44’s customers with accurate and GLEC-accredited AI-based emissions measurements and will empower those customers to understand the environmental impact of every single shipment. 

We couldn't call ourselves revolutionary if we stopped here though, there's more: We don't just measure the emissions as accurately as possible but we also provide AI-based efficiency recommendations for emissions reduction based on our tracking results. project44 and Tracks customers will better understand the critical stages in their supply chains and make easy, informed changes that have a big impact. 

As transportation accounts for 14% of global emissions, it is one of the sectors with the highest amount of greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that together with project44 we can add sustainability to the supply chain. 

Some insights into our CEO's view on the future

We talked to Jakob Muus, our founder and CEO, about this new partnership: 

How excited are you for the upcoming projects together with project44?

Jakob (smiling): Very! We spent four years developing a software that earned a GLEC accreditation and we are the market leader in the field of emissions management. It is great to see that the market is finally ready for these sustainability-focused changes. 

What are you looking forward to most? 

Jakob: project44 works together with a lot of international companies including Amazon, Unilever and Bosch to name but a few. If global players take responsibility for the climate impact of their value chain, smaller companies will see them as an example and hopefully follow. The demand from the customer side already exists and it is time to answer the lack of transparency in carbon visibility. But as long as there are no legal requirements for CO2 tracking, companies need to take a stance voluntarily. Our partnership with project44 makes that easy to do. 

How does Tracks add value to project44’s portfolio? 

Jakob: Tracks uses primary data in our multi-modal solutions, so our measurements provide companies with extremely accurate emissions information. But we don’t just measure CO2 emissions across the value chain. Once we have the data, we help companies understand how they can improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The global climate goals for 2030 are serious. We will help everyone to reach their emissions goals with our expertise and by offering a fast solution to understand internal transportation-related processes. project44 is the expert when it comes to supply chain visibility and our carbon visibility expertise makes us a perfect fit. Tracks enhances their market position by filling a sustainability gap in their portfolio. Together, we will make a huge impact in the transportation industry by adding sustainability and carbon visibility to the project44 product range, supporting our mission to decarbonize freight and freight transport.


Not only Jakob is really excited for the future of Tracks. We can’t wait to see what happens when the millions of shipments tracked by project44 get enhanced with real emissions data. It’s the next stage after alll of our hard work over the last four years. It is time to show the industry there are no more hurdles. Measure, manage and reduce your emissions with project44 and Tracks. Green supply chains are possible and we're making it happen.  


Image Source: Photo by Kelly L from Pexels