The top 5 innovations in transportation that are future-proof

The transportation landscape around us is changing so fast, it is hard to keep up. Everywhere there are fascinating new discoveries being revealed and businesses driving immense forces in order to find long-term solutions to fight transportation problems including lack of space and climate change.

The top 5 innovations in transportation that are future-proof

In this blog we would like to share 5 of these innovations in the transportation sector that might be small today but could be the new normal tomorrow: 

Flying Taxis 

Yes, seriously, flying taxis. The dream of being able to simply fly to work when you’re stuck in a traffic jam has been fascinating people for a long time. Now it seems like this dream could become reality very soon. There are several companies working hard to make electric flying taxis part of our every-day life, for the price of a regular taxi ride. Still sounds like a dream? Investors suddenly heavily invested in the industry in the last years and progress has been made really fast. You might be able to book your first ride up in the air already in 2024! 

Underground Roads 

With the future of transportation being so unclear, we also want to show what is happening on the other side of the sector. While some believe in the power of air mobility, others, including Elon Musk, want to bring transportation under the surface of earth. Tunnels could replace the messy street infrastructure, especially in cities that were never designed for the load of transportation that they need to handle nowadays. As roads in cities are limited by buildings and also not resistant to external influences like the weather, people believe underground transportation to be a solution to many problems. The idea itself is not so novel. We have been enjoying the many benefits of subways for the last decades. So why not bring regular cars or potentially even freight transportation underground too? The first tunnel already opened last year in Las Vegas und we can expect more to come in the future. To which extent transportation might move under the surface is still unclear, as tunnel building is not only expensive, but it also creates long-lasting construction work and has a heavy impact on the environment. 

Autonomous Driving 

Autonomous cars may be one of the most challenging and exciting innovations coming closer but at the same time moving further from us. What seemed like a matter of skepticism in artificial intelligence is now a problem of engineering biology. What is still a very huge challenge in the car industry is much simpler when we change the terrain. Several startups have analyzed the usage of AI in ocean transport. Ships that travel the seas without people on board may not be used for every purpose yet, but they are of great value of research, as they may collect data on a large scale without need for human interaction. This data can then be transferred to an office on the other side of the world and analyzed there. They may also map sea routes and therefore increase our general knowledge of the sea and how we can  improve the way we interact with the ocean. 

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging 

Michigan is going to launch the first road that charges electric vehicles on the go next year. This could not only enable electric vehicles to go much further but let’s be honest, how much better would it be if you didn’t even need to go to a charging station anymore? The system works through underground coils and is activated when cars equipped with a special device drive along the road. There’s still a long way to go until such a technology could become standard, but luckily, not just Michigan are launching a project that focuses on solutions for long and convenient electric rides. There are similar projects up and running in several countries in Europe. If this will be the future of electric vehicle driving is still unclear. In the end it will be a question of which solution is the cheapest and easiest to implement. 

Solar Panel Roads 

Making more use of already existing roads is not just the dream of companies that invest in recharging roads for electric vehicles. A huge project is running in the Netherlands at the moment where they are covering roads with solar panels. The Dutch government states that one-third of all streets in the Netherlands would need to be covered in this manner in order to run all registered cars in the entire country with the energy produced. If the Dutch project turns out to be successful in the next couple of years, it will not only increase sustainable transportation but generally enhance the development of renewable energies. This would also be a counteraction to a lot of criticism around solar panels, that take up lots of space which could potentially be used in a better way. 

As you can see, there are many different approaches to solving the problems in transportation we are facing now. We are looking into the future, full of hope. With all these great innovations becoming reality transportation is constantly changing for good. 

Photo by John Lockwood from Unsplash