Sustainable coffee – far more than just a trend

Coffee supply chains rely on fair partnerships in order to be decarbonized. Especially coffee farmers are under huge pressure.

Sustainable coffee – far more than just a trend

Coffee has been a hot topic for years. Not only because it is a daily companion for everyone’s morning. We’ve addressed the supply chain issued in the coffee industry before, but today we want to give you all the facts you need about the industry, why it is under such pressure, and how Greentech can help coffee farmers, roasteries and service providers to become more sustainable. 


Coffee farmers under pressure by their partners

Have you ever thought about how a simple bean turns into something so delicious like a great cappuccino in your favorite café? Well, we can tell you – it’s a long process. Coffee beans need to be processed several times, and this often happens in different countries with lots of companies involved. Therefore, it is no wonder, that many roasteries don’t even know anymore, where their coffee comes from. So, the critical question is: How do we achieve sustainability from your favorite café across the globe all the way to the small coffee farmer in Ethiopia, who is struggling to keep up with the tight competition and the price pressure that he needs to withstand? Of course, there is no easy answer to this. As we all know, sustainability is always a tradeoff between ecological, social, and economic goals. But what if there was a way to simplify sustainability and save costs? 


How technology makes your coffee greener 

When global supply chains get very complex, companies often struggle to stay transparent with their business partners. However, in those situations, it is essential to know what your partners are doing and how you can help them improve their business and therefore also get the best out for yourself. Technology is the key to achieving this transparency. Imagine a roastery could see what efforts their coffee farmers are taking to become more sustainable? Imagine that at the same time, technology was enabling them to understand what a farmer could improve? Together they could reach a new level in their partnership – and in the end both profit from it. It doesn’t just sound easy. The global technological advancement we have reached enables supply chains to become as green as possible, while not neglecting economic goals. And the best thing? You don’t need to forgo your beloved morning coffee for it. 


What can you do for a greener coffee industry– as a customer but also as a business? 

You as a customer can contribute now to a greener industry. When customers actively demand sustainable solutions, companies feel the pressure and adjust their business to reflect their customers’ demands. The result is that the supply chain feels these changes all the way until the origin, the little bean growing on an Ethiopian coffee tree. And as a company working in the coffee industry? Start tracking your supply chains before you need to, so you can understand where these beans come from and how they can become greener. 



Photo by Rodrigo Flores on Unsplash