EU legislation is reaching new heights in decarbonizing transportation

Hundreds of experts discuss the future of transportation every day in the European Parliament. There are a lot of exciting decisions being made. Speaking of which, we have done you a favor and put together all current decarbonization developments regarding transportation right here!

EU legislation is reaching new heights in decarbonizing transportation

The transportation sector is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up sometimes. But it is even harder when it comes to transportation legislation. This is why we decided to share some insights with you that might help you prepare a future path for your own business and your partnerships. 

Upcoming climate-related regulations in the EU 

The European Green Deal currently under debate in the EU discusses the following focus points relevant to the transportation sector: 

Part of the green deal is also the CO2 standards file for heavy-duty trucks. It required new trucks to emit 30% fewer emissions by 2030. It is still under review with the potential to be extended to other heavy-duty vehicles like busses. 

 Furthermore, the Mobility Package I, the first set of new rules for road transport, already became applicable across EU countries in February 2022. New mobility packages are already being discussed. One very exciting new rule deals with the recycling of trucks after they are not being used anymore. While we mostly think about the emissions from trucks while they are driving, recycling is often neglected, but just like phones, vehicles have lots of different components that need to be examined carefully before being recycled. 

 While modes like road are waiting for more reforms to become more sustainable, rail is sustainable by nature. Unfortunately, rail infrastructure is not built to carry a majority of freight transportation which is a reason for many debates in the EU. The European Commission is currently gathering ideas to further enhance rail for passengers and freight. 

Rail is also on the table in the EU’s investment plan. The EU’s innovation fund dedicated to climate-related investments was topped up again. 5.4 billion euros will be invested in transportation projects, like the Fehmarn Belt tunnel between Germany and Denmark or the European Rail Traffic Management System. 

Current climate discussions among transportation legislators 

Some concerns are still being discussed among European politicians. While it is clear that we need new and more climate-friendly transportation solutions, many decisions are a compromise. More EVs are great, but can we source all material without a dependency on other countries like China, the biggest supplier of cobalt? How do we tackle Scope 3 emissions? How do we specifically make rail more attractive? 

Luckily, many experts gather regularly to find solutions to all these problems, and we are sure that there will be new regulations that enable us to go one step further with climate-friendly transportation options, and soon. 

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Photo by Guillaume Pérgois from Unsplash