Celebrating Earth Day and decarbonizing the fashion industry

This year's Earth Day slogan speaks for itself: Invest in our planet.

Celebrating Earth Day and decarbonizing the fashion industry

Earth Day was born on April 22 in 1970. Now in 2022, exactly 52 years later, the network has reached 1 billion individuals and 75k organizations all around the world. The first Earth Day was captured under the name “A question of survival” with a clear statement: Our world is in danger. Initially, the idea was to mobilize students in America, to actively protest against environmental issues. What started as a national movement has become so much more. A huge step in this direction was the global enrolment of 141 countries in 1990. 

Nowadays, Earth Day is not solely about drawing attention to the environment anymore. Individuals as well as corporates come together, to make an impact and share their knowledge – Earth Day has shifted from a cause- to a solution-based movement. This year’s global theme is “Invest in our Planet,” and the purpose is clear: Instead of talking about what is not possible we should talk about the great options that we do have to invest effectively, now and in the future. 

Earth Day in Germany

Germany chose its own theme for 2022: It’s all about the clothing industry. Buying clothes consciously, wearing them longer and taking proper care of what we already wear will have a huge impact on the climate. While it is still unclear how high the overall emissions in Scope 1, 2 and 3 are, it is clear that textiles in general are often produced and refined in one part of the planet, only to be sold in another part. This makes one estimation very clear: The transportation footprint of the clothing industry is very high in relation to other emissions that originate from clothing production. As Earth Day draws attention to the need for change in the fashion industry, we are hoping to see more and more big players in the industry shift towards more sustainable business models. Meanwhile, new technological advancements are now available and enable us to measure what has been a black box before: the actual emissions produced through the clothing industry. This requires lots of experts to put their data together, but at the same time, all of them benefit from these kinds of collaborations. The empowerment granted us by data is not an unknown anymore.  If you want to find out more, you can find the latest newsletter of the German Earth Day committee here.  

Celebrate Earth Day every day!

Earth Day is just once a year, but when it comes to climate change and decarbonization, you can act any day, any time. And with every year, the possibilities to counteract climate change become greater. In 1970 people were only able to go on the street, but nowadays we are able to change whole industries and collaborate with other experts in order to accelerate the speed and scale in which we drive environmental action. 

Earth Day 2022 gives you a little push to actively tackle sustainability in the fashion industry by providing you with all the knowledge and awareness you need. So next time you buy a new pair of shoes or a new sweatshirt, maybe take the time to check its origin or perhaps choose a sustainably oriented producer. Supporting the right businesses is a great first step towards a greener future. 

Photo by Casey Horner from Unsplash