An hour of darkness for more light in the future

Earth Hour as a testimonial towards climate action

An hour of darkness for more light in the future

On Saturday, the 26th March 2022, at 8:30pm the world will be covered in darkness again. For us, this one hour a year is always a very special moment. It feels like the whole world stops for an hour, bowing down in gratitude for the beauty of our planet. Earth Hour reminds us every year, how much we rely on the resources the world provides us with. At the same time, it also means recognizing that all resources are scarce and that they are not available to everyone on this planet. It emphasizes that everyone can easily participate in climate activism and that the impact is the biggest, if individuals collectively follow an action. It draws a wonderful picture of how we can slow down and eventually stop climate change: If everyone participates with a small sign of rebellion -- a small act of unity -- the collective outcome can be absolutely incredible.

The origin of Earth Hour

Earth Hour was invented in 2007, when consequences of climate change were already very present, but climate activists were rather rare. Nowadays, luckily there are not only masses of individuals fighting against it but also companies frequently take a stance against climate change. Therefore, Earth Hour is not only one mindful hour a year that we invest into overthinking sustainability targets but rather a reminder to be mindful every day, changing things into the good by taking one step after another.

The initial idea was born in Australia. The Australian WWF wanted to reduce energy waste in Sydney by 5 % within a year. Earth Hour was supposed to raise awareness around energy waste. It unexpectedly was a huge success: More than 2.2 million people took part in the electricity shutdown in the first year. With every year, the participation rates have been increasing. The voices calling for action are by now nearly impossible to overhear: In 2021, Earth Hour reached people in 192 countries and social media engagement doubled compared to the year before. This shows, how especially the pandemic increased the global awareness for our planet and how drastically it is changing. While the beginnings of Earth Hour only centered around individual action adding up to a collective answer to climate change, it created a whole new understanding of activism. There are events during Earth Hour all over the world in order to share this special moment of mindfulness with other people, raising hope for a better future. Browse here to find your event.

Small actions during Earth Hour- great impact

Earth Hour also shows how small actions can have a huge impact. It might only be one hour, but the reduced emissions are incredible. The Tracks team will obviously fully participate in Earth Hour and we hope you too. May it be in an event, or at home, every single voice counts. Do you want to become a climate activist beyond Earth Hour? There are a lot of easy ways to get involved including the purchase of sustainable food or responsible traveling. You can find out more on the Earth Hour website.

Lets spread darkness for a brighter future!


Image by Snapwire from Pexels