Add sustainability to your supply chain

Carbon visibility has never been easier

We founded Tracks to decarbonise logistics. Our accredited CO2 allocation solutions make it possible and profitable for businesses to meet and exceed their emission goals.


Accelerate your decarbonization with our cutting-edge technology

Make informed decisions so you can meet and exceed your emissions targets.


All transport modes

Tracks is multi-modal

Stop wondering what happens across your supply chain and start tracking real consumption-based data. Other companies estimate, we measure.


Data Abundance

We provide specific emissions info down to the last gram on the pallet. Our state-of-the-art digital tracking solutions are effective and effortless.


Innovative technology

We know the demands of the logistics industry. That’s why we made simple solutions that work anywhere and adjust to any existing system.

We founded Tracks in 2018 with a vision. We wanted to drive decarbonisation and accelerate the transition to a carbon-free freight industry. To do that, we developed our core technology that uses consumption-based primary data, because only real data can make a real difference. Our accredited solutions for logistics are already making supply chains more efficient.

Discover which of our solutions is right for you.

Let’s exceed our emissions goals together.


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This is what we do

No matter the size or focus of your business, we've got a solution for you.

Solutions for Shippers

Decarbonisation goes digital

Green legislation and consumer demand is putting pressure on existing business models and creating challenges across supply chains. Our infinitely scalable solution for shippers provides actionable data, so you can make informed decisions and increase efficiency.

Car doors being produced in an automated factory.
Employees in a logistics service provider warehouse processing orders.

Solutions for LSPs

We speak your language

Scalability and data integrity are in our DNA. Offer your customers simplified, precise multimodal tracking, while our simple API interface means smooth integration into your IT framework. Offer Tracks to your customers, and you can get back to your core business, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Solutions for Carriers

Tracks for Trucks®

You’re quietly and efficiently ensuring the supply chain carries on. Save time and automate your CO2 management and reporting with our simple, hardware-free solution. Add sustainability to your list of services and offer your clients precise emissions reports, automatically.

Two transport trucks driving through a lush green landscape

Accredited and secure

We keep on top of requirements, so you don’t have to

Audit-proof reports and information security are built into Tracks’ core technology. Your data is important, and we offer the highest levels of protection. Rest assured that your data only goes where it needs to, when it needs to.


Keep every business rolling

Strong partnerships, strong solutions.

No two businesses are alike, and specific solutions need some additional flexibility. We built the most adaptive and flexible accredited solution on the market and partnered with global players to offer even more customised integration options.

Tracks' solutions dashboard displayed on a laptop showing relevant emissions data.

Sustainable Business

Trusted by supply chain professionals

Effortless emissions management

Start decarbonising your road freight activities with Tracks.

It’s not rocket science, it’s data science. Our solutions will track Scope 3 consumption data from day one, and our decarbonisation experts will help you to optimise your operations so you can lower emissions… starting with the most difficult mode to measure: road freight.


Don’t ride alone

Partnerships with industry leaders mean innovative decarbonisation solutions for our customers.

Learn more about how we can help your business. We built our scalable, automated solutions so you make an informed decision with actionable data. Our decarbonisation experts help you to optimise your logistics activities.